The People and the Food

Seen here in the kitchens, a very ‘hands-on’ Jonathan Westmacott – the Proprietor of Hunters Inn.

Jon qualified at Bournemouth where he obtained his M.H.C.I.M.A., before working extensively in France and Australia. In 1972 on his return, he joined the family business and has worked tirelessly to bring quality, home-produced food to your table.

With a dedicated kitchen and house staff, some of whom having worked at the Hunters for many years, Jon is justly proud of the reputation they have gained for the preparation and presentation of the varied menu available at the Hunters Inn.


All the meat at the Hunters Inn is prepared in our own butchery. Our steaks and beef are supplied by Scottish Premiere of Inverness and Owtons Wholesale of West End who also supply our lamb, pork and other meats.