Welcome to the Hunters Inn

There has been an ‘Ale House’ on this site for over 300 years. The original building is still standing but has been extended many times in its history.

Originally The Hunters Inn served only the local farmworkers and beer was often hand-delivered to the men working in the fields.

During the early 1900’s a lounge bar was built to attract the farmworkers’ wives and the local gentry. A dance hall was later added – now part of the ‘Tavern Bar’ – and dances were held every Saturday night for the locals.

The Hunters Inn had a rather ‘dubious’ reputation during the war years, with coach loads of sailors arriving regularly from Portsmouth – this led to the loss of the licence for a short period!

After the war and through to 1969 the Inn, like many rural public houses went through a tough time. Farm labour dwindled, and the introduction of drink driving laws ended the era of the ‘drinking house’.

Under the stewardship of Mr. Westmacott and his wife, who took over The Hunters Inn in 1969, food was added to the menu. After much hard work and effort by numerous staff, especially our manager of 28 years, Tony Picariello, The Hunters Inn now has an enviable reputation for good ‘home cooked’ food, ‘home baked’ bread and fresh ‘home butchered’ meat… a rare combination these days.